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Take the guesswork out of social media in less than 30 days, guaranteed!

What is Social Media Virtual Training?

A STEP-BY-STEP Blueprint for INSTANT growth

Social Media Virtual Training is a step-by-step video training system designed to take the guesswork out of social media once and for all!

The lessons in this system for social media marketing success will give you an incredible foundation and show you how to build immediate growth TODAY while revealing the biggest secrets to selling more on social media that almost nobody is talking about!


Sure you could Google it all, but the vast amount of information you'll find is overwhelming. What do you believe? Which advice is credible? You'll end up jumping back and forth from one thing to the next without a clear, actionable, and strategic plan.

On the other hand, Social Media Virtual Training gives you an exact road map - the SAME road map that Jonathan has used for himself and client- to save you from the trial and error and pitfalls you'd experience if you try to DIY a social media strategy from start to finish.
Through 10+ hours of video content, over 50 courses, worksheets, and resources, Social Media Virtual Training will give you the tools you need to run a successful business.

If you want to go from where you're at to where you should be, make an impact on the world, take control of your future or learn something new, Social Media Virtual Training has a course to help you. 

After you complete Social Media Virtual Training, you will know:
  • How to identify and attract your ideal client that will keep coming back for more
  • ​How to shift your marketing message from the "now" to the "then" by focusing on selling the transformation
  • How to develop a social media strategy with step-by-step examples, templates, and more
  • ​How to harness the power and influence of content to increase your overall reach and engagement
  • ​How to craft a story that actually sells
  • The fundamentals of optimizing your social media profiles
  • ​How to build a thriving community of advocates, influencers, and followers that are loyal to your brand
  • How to get your message in front of the right person at the right time when they are wired to take action
  • ​How to leverage social analytics to measure what's working the best
  • ​How to scale your online presence to be seen everywhere, even when you're not
  • ​And so much more...​

Featured in:

Sirius XM
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The wall street journal

What You'll Get When You Enroll

  • Jonathan Hawkins' Masterclass on Social Media (Value= $1,997)
  • Private Social Media + Marketing Community (Priceless)
  • Additional Resources Added to Social Media Virtual Training For FREE (Value= $997)
  • VIP Access at Future Live Events (Value= $4,995)
  • Lifetime Access - No Annual Enrollment Fee (Priceless)
  • BONUS: FREE Resources, Worksheets, Templates, and More For You To Access 24/7 (Value= $1,997)
Imagine interacting with Jonathan Hawkins as you learn how to go from identifying your ideal client to actually making money on social media. As a "Social Media Virtual Training" student, you will do just that!

Jonathan has taken all of his most impactful lessons that he’s learned through his years of experience and designed each course specifically to help you take your business to the next level, avoid common mistakes and eliminate the guesswork once and for all.

Most People Don't Have a Talent Problem, They Have a Marketing Problem.

- Jonathan Hawkins

What Experts Say About Jonathan Hawkins

"Social Media Virtual Training is not your typical 'online course'. Jonathan will guide you step-by-step instead of just throwing some videos at you to figure it out. Go from where you're at to where you should be. Stop thinking twice about it.”
Brad Lea image
Brad Lea
Founder and CEO of LightSpeed vt
“Jonathan is truly a freak of nature and I mean that in the most respectful way. He gets your product seen by the right people, at the right time, when they are wired to take action. I’ve hired him as a personal marketing consultant and can vouch for his results. Of all the marketers I’ve ever hired, he’s the only one that has made me money.”
Micheal Burt image
micheal burt
aka america's coach, ceo of micheal burt enterprises
"Accountability and integrity are important for me with anyone I work with. In my experience, Jonathan is a man of his word and will get you results!! He was helpful with my questions, and highly responsive. Definitely a super power in the digital marketing world!"
Egypt Sherrod image
egypt sherrod

What Makes 
This Training Different?

This is the only online training that will show you how to start, build, and scale ON SOCIAL MEDIA from the ground up.
SMVT Featured image

anyone can do it

ANYONE can become successful leveraging social media for massive profits. You can be any age, from anywhere, with any level of education. Jonathan Hawkins had no secret recipe to success when he started his first marketing campaigns. In fact, he's been told "no" more times than he's been told "yes" - just like you! But, his military background helped push him forward to learn from some of the world's leading marketers, and he's bringing those lessons to you!

You can learn how to start or scale through social media completely online - from the comfort of your own home. Even if you are new to online learning, Social Media Virtual Training is so easy to access, you can do it anywhere you have internet access.

Expert Mentorship

As a "Social Media Virtual Training" student, you will learn directly from Jonathan Hawkins and his team of network of experts from around the world. Jonathan is leading the way when it comes to social media and marketing virtual training. Not only will you get great training, you'll get a great person who will do anything to help you become successful.

SMVT Featured image

Jonathan takes marketing to the next level. His craft isn't anything like what you may have seen implemented by other marketing experts. Social Media not only gives you access to Jonathan Hawkins, but his insider network of experts will teach everything  you need to know, whether you're new or looking to scale to the next level. If the top companies and experts in the world trust him, you should too. He's not another "guru" trying to make a quick buck. He is easy to understand, super well-structured, proven, and will help make a huge impact for you.

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The truth is that the online education space is over-crowded! One "expert" tells you this, then another "expert" tells you that, and you don't know what to do, who to trust, and you feel like you're on a never ending rollercoaster.

Eliminate the guesswork once and for all! The average cost to get a marketing degree in the US is $60,000, and those programs just teach you general marketing concepts - not how to start and scale. 

Jonathan has spent over $1,000,000 in masterminds, private coaching, events, training, and more so you don't have to! Your investment gets you immediate access to tools, templates, resources, and more without mounds of debt or a steep price tag (like some of the other guys out there). 

Jonathan's specific training gives you everything you need to eliminate the guesswork out of social media for good!


This system holds nothing back and leaves nothing out. With LIFETIME access, you can learn at your own pace, repeat and review key courses and exercises so you truly understand and grasp the concepts.

The built-in accountability will keep you on track. Certification is not the end of your journey - each time you have a new idea, concept or opportunity, you can come back to and apply Jonathan's methods, strategies, and more.

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No Worries, "Hassle-Free" Guarantee

I am so confident that SMVT is the best online training to show you EXACTLY how to start, build and scale your business from the ground up on social media, that if you implement EVERYTHING I show you within the first 30 days, and do not get an ounce of value, we will give you a 100% action-based money-back GUARANTEE! All you have to do is forward your receipt to us with the subject "Hassle-Free" and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.... and, we'll still part as friend. Is that cool? So you don't even have to decide right now. Get access to the training, implement the system, and take the guesswork out of social media, because you have a full 30 days to try it out, risk free.  – Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins has traveled the globe teaching these same strategies 
to increase sales through social media for...

People and Companies in Every Industry You Can Think Of:

  • Coaches/Consultants
  • ​Online Course Creators
  • Local Small Businesses
  • Insurance Agents
  • ​Network Marketers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Marketing Agencies/Freelancers
  • Bloggers/Affiliate Marketers
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • ​And So Much More...​!
Social Media Virtual Training

Success Stories

Are you ready to become the next success story?


Jonathan Hawkins

Stop trying to figure it out all on your own. The answers are right here.
Jonathan IMG
People call me The "Intelligent" Marketer because I use my previous role as a military intelligence officer to combine intel and brain science to marketing. I believe most people don't have a talent problem, they have a marketing problem. I've made it my mission to get the marketing knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it in order to help them create and scale a business and life they love.

My goals are simple: to help you Avoid making the same costly mistakes that I’ve made and for you to walk away from this experience with invaluable information and actionable advice, resources, examples, and more to implement.

So, I’ve created these courses just for you, whether you’re looking to build your personal brand on social media, utilize your skillset to take you to the next level, or if you’re looking for guidance to become a successful marketer, I've got the answers to your problem. And the best part? You won't need to stay up at 2am searching "How-To" videos anymore.

You CAN turn your social media channels into profit. And you deserve the freedom to spend more time with your family and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, while you do what you love!

If you are ready to take charge of your social media channels, then I’m ready to teach you how!

Learn from the best

Get Started With 
Social Media Virtual Training

Join the thousands of people who have learned from Jonathan's marketing experience and take the guesswork out of social media once and for all!
  • Jonathan Hawkins' Masterclass on Social Media (Value= $1,997)
  • Private Social Media + Marketing Community (Priceless)
  • Additional Resources Added to Social Media VT FREE (Value= $997)
  • VIP Access at Future Live Events (Value= $4,995)
  • Lifetime Access - No Annual Enrollment Fee (Priceless)
  • BONUS: FREE Resources, Worksheets, Templates, and More For You To Access 24/7 (Value= $1,997)
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